MoodPulse - A new way of realtime measurement on mobile devices

We at WorldBrainWave developed MoodPulse, a 'mobile first' platform that measures customer experience real time over huge groups of users by using the mobile phone of every visitor. It not only creates higher engagement, brand attention and increased brand loyalty, but also delivers valuable (real time) behavioral insights.

The Dutch Festival Lowlands - one of the largest annual music festivals in the Netherlands with 60.000 visitors - pioneered this year with MoodPulse. The goal of Moodpulse was to track festivalgoers’ sentiment, activities and energy levels (the 'mood & vibe') in real time throughout the duration of the festival.
Participation - which was completely voluntary and anonymous - was achieved by scanning QR-codes distributed within a dedicated area of the festival, and push notifications within the Lowlands-app. The attendees who participated using MoodPulse answered three questions (three clicks, just a couple of seconds through automated onboarding), and were encouraged to participate multiple times every day. After sharing their mood and behavior, festivalgoers could track the current sentiment and activity on their own mobile phone via the MoodPulse dashboard (the data was immediately visualized in the browser on their phone). In total 3000 people engaged with MoodPulse, adding value to the overal festival experience.


  • Easy, fast and cost effective to implement (everyone is using their own mobile phone).
  • High willingness to participate, especially with personalized (audience) introduction.
  • The aggregation of data allows for unique realtime insights into the success of an event!
Interested in what Worldbrainwave can contribute to your festival or (business) event?
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