Research consultancy services for measuring human preferences & behaviors

We offer research consultancy services that combine human data sciences with behavioral analytics.
Our services can be used for consumer research or marketing purposes, but also for investigating stakeholder opinions. in addition, our research platform can be used to measure attitudes or gather sentiment data. We design all research needed to study societal & organizational stakeholder value(s), preference and behavior in an intelligent and non-invasive way. This approach does not only creates higher engagement, brand attention and increased brand loyalty, but also delivers valuable (real time) behavioral insights. And withouth compromising on privacy and trustworthiness. Clients have full access and full control of their own data and results.


  • We design and implement all tools needed for research
  • Tracking associations and sentiment insights show what resonates
  • View data results real time on your dashboard, or download data in .csv format.
  • Unique url links or QR codes per survey or other studies to invite separate stakeholder groups
  • We offer 'mobile first' experiences for online research on every physical location.
  • By scanning QR-codes with own device only, users can participate 'virus free.'
  • Clients have full control of your own data and results.
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Laurent Krook Tel. +31(0)6 46233009
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