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'Before WorldBrainWave we invited people to the lab,
now we bring the lab to the people.'

Erik Schoppen - Initiator & Co-Founder

Our Vision & Misson

Create and conduct studies, wherever, whenever. Worldbrainwave wants to make research tools accessible for everyone. By doing so, we connect millions of cooperating users with millions of collaborating researchers, creating a better world together.

Our Purpose: One People, One Planet
Our mission revolves around sharing research knowledge with the world. We believe that connecting people via online research can contribute to a social and sustainable society, making a positive impact in communities around the world. Therefore relevant to the future and survival of the Earth. Because we are one of a kind. On one planet.

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  • There are 5 billion unique smartphone users, why not use this huge potential?

    WorldBrainWave is an online research platform making scientific data acquisition tools accessible for experiments and surveys on location, in any browser, on any mobile device.

    WorldBrainWave is the world’s first true global research platform, that offers tools for cognitive and behavioral research, and allows data acquisition, discovery and research collaboration on a worldwide scale. WBW offers easy-to-use and affordable research tools that facilitate research across the globe and can be used for research, business and educational purposes. On the platform, users can create, conduct and collaborate on experiments and immediately share the results globally.

    The ‘mobile first’ platform runs in every browser on a smartphone (no app install) via the short url In addition, WorldBrainWave is a reliable scientific research tool for (lab)studies on all devices running browsers, like tablets, laptops and personal computers.

    It is designed for cognitive and behavioral research on the spot (real life & live testing on location), and can be used to acquire insights and (implicit) preferences by consumers, users, or other stakeholders. It offers the most common tasks used in cognitive and behavioural studies.

    Creating, testing and conducting studies is easily done in a user-friendly interface (no courses or statistical knowledge required). Adjust online whatever, whenever. View results visualized real-time providing insights for instant analytics. Download data in statistical formats for further investigation.

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Offering Better Research

Our growth is based on a clear vision: offering better value. We simplify the complex stuff, with great customer experience and with full data quality.
With a reliable and secure service that is fast and easy to use.
Where everyone is in control of their own data.
As data is the oil of the 21st century, research data can give unique insights into human behavior. However, research data hardly finds its way to interested parties because it’s not findable, accessible, or usable. WorldBrainWave tries to solve this problem with user friendly solutions.


  • Laurent Krook

    COO   |   Cognitive Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology
  • Peter Sloots

    CTO   |   System Architecture, Software Development
  • Erik Schoppen

    CIO   |   Social Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology
  • Jacob Jolij

    Scientific Adviser   |   Cognitive Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology
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