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Create and conduct studies, wherever, whenever.

Browser-based tools for studies on every mobile device on location.

One year full access for € 5,50

We don't have study limits, create and test as many studies as you want. 1Y access or 550 participant-uses.

All you need for online studies

Our cloud-based tools work on all smartphone or tablet browsers on location or on PC screens in the lab.

We are GDPR compliant

Trust and privacy are essential to WBW. Your data is safe with us, (end-)users have full control over their data.

No extensive and reasoned typed answers, but fast and intuitive ‘click’ responses in real life action on location. WBW works in all browsers on any mobile, tablet or desktop (no app install).
And with fast and easy on-boarding for participants via QR-code and url, everyone can use this tool right away!


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A study tool for schools, groups, clubs, communities, universities, governments and non-profits.

WorldBrainWave is a research platform that offers easy-to-use survey tools that require no costly consultancy. The interface works intuitive and is very flexible (using easy drag & drop). With easy imports of many example surveys you have your study up and running in minutes! Your data is visualized in your personal dashboard (so, no statistical knowledge required).



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A location-based consumer insights tool for marketeers, consultants, businesses and organizations.

WorldBrainWave's browser-based research tools range from quick surveys on the spot getting customer feedback to implicit studies for psychological, sociological, economical or marketing purposes (or any purpose you can imagine). With easy on-boarding on every mobile phone (by QR or number-code) it is the 'Pulse'-tool you need to collect real-time insights and consumer satisfaction/opinions in the field.



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A validated scientific research tool for students, researchers, scientists, developers and designers.

WorldBrainWave is an advanced scientific research and analysis tool, offering high accuracy and stimuli precision on location or in lab settings. It can be used for cognitive and behavioral research projects, like priming, association and reaction time tasks. For researchers, WorldBrainWave is a reliable data acquisition tool in the lab, or on every location with Internet.


WBW is designed for short, interactive game-like experiences, and developed for cognitive and behavioral research on the spot, online or in the lab.

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  • Why only € 5,50 for one year access?

    Worldbrainwave wants to make research tools accessible for everyone. Our mission is to connect millions of users with millions of researchers, creating a better world together.

    Our offer is plain, fair and safe:
    + € 5,50 for 1Y full access (no extra fees)
        and/or 550 participant-uses*
    + single user license with fair use policy
    + no study (survey/experiment) limits
    + EU data protection & privacy compliant

    *If you exceed 550 participants you have to reorder
      You have to provide for your own participants

  • Do you want to conduct larger studies?

    Are you conducting larger studies or surveys among your customer base or participant groups? We are more than willing to assist you and your staff conducting your marketing studies or customer experience surveys on every location possible. Please contact us via

  • Dou you need advice for your studies?

    If you want us to help you in defining your research objectives and refining your study setup (and if needed developing and designing your study or research stimuli), please contact us via

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