Want to know your hidden personality traits?


    WorldBrainWave (wbw.one) is an online research platform making scientific tools accessible for experiments and surveys on location, in any browser, on any mobile device.

    WorldBrainWave (wbw.one) is the world’s first true global research platform, that offers tools for cognitive and behavioral research, and allows data acquisition, discovery and research collaboration on a worldwide scale. WBW offers easy-to-use and affordable research tools that facilitate research across the globe and can be used for research, business and educational purposes. On the platform, users can create, conduct and collaborate on experiments and immediately share the results globally.

    There are 2 billion smartphone users, why not use this huge potential?'
    Erik Schoppen, Initiator and Co-founder

    The ‘mobile first’ platform runs in every browser on a smartphone (no app install) via the short url wbw.one. In addition, WorldBrainWave is a reliable scientific research tool for (lab)studies on all devices running browsers, like tablets, laptops and personal computers.

    It is designed for cognitive and behavioral research on the spot (real life & live testing on location), and can be used to acquire insights and (implicit) preferences by consumers, users, or other stakeholders. It offers the most common tasks used in cognitive and behavioural studies.

    Creating, testing and conducting studies is easily done in a user-friendly interface (no courses or statistical knowledge required). Adjust online whatever, whenever. View results visualized real-time providing insights for instant feedback. Download data in statistical formats for further investigation.

COMING UP: WorldBrainWave exhibits at Web Summit 2018 - Lisbon Nov 5-8

WorldBrainWave is selected for the Web Summit Startup Programme 2018. Here we will present our new platform. Web Summit (with more than 70.000 attendees) is “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace.” It is the hotspot for the world's most promising startups and world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies.
You can visit us on Thursday, Nov 8th (Day 3) at stand number A-517.

Your research in one simple work flow. All in one place.

1. Create & Collaborate

Easily design & adjust your study, survey or experiment online. Work (together) on your projects in one place, wherever you are.

2. Conduct & Collect

Collect data with online surveys and experiments on mobile devices on location, or on laptop or PC in controlled settings.

3. View & Download

View results visualized real-time providing insights for instant feedback. Download statistical data for further investigation.

4. Script Integration

Upload your scripts or use the scripts provided in the WBW Analysis Library. Analyze your data as it comes in.

5. Process & Predict

Data processing by machine learning and AI technologies helping you to make better predictions about (daily) human behavior.

6. Present Results

Present results, and collect and share feedback.
You can do this instantly within the platform.

Our Misson & Vision

Create and conduct studies, wherever, whenever. Worldbrainwave wants to make research tools accessible for everyone. By doing so, we connect millions of cooperating users with millions of collaborating researchers, creating a better world together.

Our Purpose: One People, One Planet
Our mission revolves around sharing research knowledge with the world.
As humans, we are a social species, which can range from families, friends and groups to cities, civilizations, and nowadays global cultures. These structures evolved with neural mechanisms to support us, because social behaviors helped human kind to survive, reproduce, and care for offspring. But during our evolution, cultural differences arose. We believe that connecting people cross-culturally, can help ethnic groups understand each other better - resulting in fewer conflicts about resources and belief systems. Therefore important as a research field, as relevant to the future and survival of our world. Because we are one of a kind. On one planet.

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WorldBrainWave in BETA

When can AI meet You?

As you probably have noticed there is still no register option of the platform.
We expect our platform to be publicly accessible in the beginning of this year.

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Research Projects

At the moment, we are running several research projects, including a comprehensive study in sustainable pro-social (brand) positioning and how brands can increase feelings of trust, using Affective Priming and Self-Associative Personality Tasks (based on Big Five Personality Traits).

Social and behavioural sciences
Social (neuro)science is the research field focused on the understanding of emotional and social processes in human behavior. It uses biological, psychological, sociological and cultural concepts to research social processes and behavior. A number of methods are used in social neuroscience to investigate the confluence of neural and social processes. Methods like Implicit Associations, Semantic Priming, Electroencephalogram (EEG), functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), etc.. For our online research we use several methods, mostly based on implicit preferences.

Want to know your hidden personality traits?


Team Member

Erik Schoppen

Managing Director

Social Neuroscience,
Experimental Psychology

Team Member

Peter Sloots

Chief Technical Officer

System Architecture,
Software Development

Team Member

Laurent Krook

Service Director

Cognitive Neuroscience,
Experimental Psychology

Team Member

Tabitha Steendam

Research & Modeling

Research Scientist
Experimental Psychology

Team Member

Jacob Jolij

Scientific Director

Cognitive Neuroscience,
Experimental Psychology

Team Member

Nathalie Kuilder

Semantics & Terminology

Language Specialist,
Translation & Localization


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